Some Youtube recommendations

I’m a big fan of a lot of video criticism and analysis channels on Youtube, so I thought I might recommend a few to anyone who’s interested.

  • Bob Chipman, aka MovieBob
    • Mr. Chipman does a lot of great entertainment editorials, including Really That Good, a show about how and why beloved films become as deeply lodged in public consciousness as they do. He also does traditional movie reviews on
  • Lindsay Ellis
    • Ms. Ellis also does great video essays on film and television, including an ongoing series exploring the basic tenants of film theory using Michael Bay’s Transformers movies as test cases. If you’re familiar with the Nostalgia Critic, you may remember her as Nostalgia Chick, but she’s improved a hundredfold since breaking out on her own.
  • Chris McFeely
    • I mentioned TFWiki in my very first post, this guy is one of their main contributors, and he also did DVD commentaries for some of the UK releases of the cartoons. He’s got an ongoing video series called “The Basics” which basically takes a random (or not-so-random) Transformers topic and just explores it to the Nth degree every episode. Great stuff.
  • ComicPop
    • Sal, Ethan, Ben, and Tiffany do lots of great casual comic book commentary and it’s always a lot of fun. Lots of podcast type stuff here.
  • Shannon Strucci
    • Ms. Strucci does good video essays as well, if you like film and TV analysis you might find something you like here.
  • Super Eyepatch Wolf
    • Lots of anime analysis here, but there’s also a bit of movie, TV, and game stuff too. Well-written and impactful.
  • FilmJoy
    • This channel, previously known as ChainsawSuit, is mainly host to Mikey Neumann’s show Movies with Mikey, an excellent, aesthetically pleasing movie analysis and retrospective series. You might not have ever seen video edited quite like this before.

That’s all I’ve got for now, hope that you find something you like. Have a great rest of your week, all of you.

Kearney Hub’s “Give a little, get a little”: A response.

Today, I took a look at the Opinion page of the January 13-14 edition of the Kearney Hub, in which an opinion article titled “Give a little, take a little so debate can proceed” was featured. If I valued this headline separately from the article to which it is attached, I mind tend to agree, but as it happens, the specific issue that the author has chosen to use as an example is one I can’t particularly agree to compromise on, at least not in the way that they’ve suggested. The Hub states:

“Some bolder Democrats, for example, have been pushing for amnesty without conditions for undocumented aliens. On the other side, Republicans are echoing Trump’s desires for a wall on the Mexican border. Both positions are over the top. They ought to be whittled down to something both sides could accept. Rather than hardened stances, how about the Democrats seeking only to protect the young Dreamers against deportation?”

This suggestion, to exempt Dreamers only from the threat of deportation, rather than all immigrants, seems somewhat short-sighted. While an argument could be made that amnesty without conditions for ALL aliens might be too extreme, the fact is that the idea posed in this article would very distinctly allow the undocumented parents of child Dreamers to be ripped away from their children. Similarly, I’ve already heard many cases of undocumented immigrants who act as caretakers for old, infirm, or disabled persons being deported, leaving these vulnerable people without their well-established support systems.

While it is generally the job of the law to account for exceptions to its rules, from my point of view, it seems that there may be too many exceptions to the issue of immigration at this time to put anything definitive in place.

A few thoughts and some Twitter accounts to follow.

Hello to one and all. As one can surmise from my previous posts, I live in Nebraska, so I thought it pertinent to share with some of my follows some Twitter accounts for keeping up with the local and state news and events in my area. Here are ten that I’ve come up with.

  • The Kearney Hub (@KearneyHub)
    • This is the local newspaper, they tend to be pretty well-informed and unbiased, which is important.
  • Kearney Police Department (@KearneyPolice)
    • Similarly, this is our local police department. This account could certainly come in handy for keeping safe around town, though generally things are pretty calm around here.
  • Scott Frost (@coach_frost)
    • The new head coach of the Nebraska Huskers football team. I’m not much of a football person myself, but it’s pretty big around here (even if our team has a less than stellar record as of late) and I’m sure at least someone reading this will be interested.
  • University of Nebraska at Kearney (@UNKearney)
    • I’m of coursed a tad biased, since this is MY university, but UNK is a great campus and always has plenty of interesting events going on. That’s reason enough to give their Twitter a follow.
  • NewsChannel Nebraska (@NewsChannelNE)
    • A good general-purpose account for news from throughout the state of Nebraska.
  • 1011 NOW (1011_News)
    • The Twitter arm of Nebraska TV news channel 1011 News. More general news coverage, always useful.
  • (@Nebraskagov)
    • The official Twitter page for the Nebraska state government’s website. Might be good for keeping up on political announcements
  • Governor Pete Ricketts (@GovRicketts)
    • I’m not a personally a fan of Ricketts, but it’s still probably a good idea to stay informed about the doings and opinions of the top elected official in the state. At the very least, knowing what he’s up to gives ample material for criticism.
  • Senator Deb Fischer (@SenatorFischer)
    • The same pretty much goes for the senator here. Good to get the good and the bad of your elected officials and their policies straight from the horse’s mouth (or as close as you can get via Twitter, since these accounts are undoubtedly run by staffers)
  • Kearney Chamber of Commerce (@KACCNebraska)
    • Wrapping things up locally, here’s the Twitter for the Kearney Chamber of Commerce. Another account that’ll be useful for keeping track of local events.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope you all have a good start to the new week!

Greetings and Salutations

Welcome to my blog. My name is Stuart Wilke, and I’m a senior student at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I’m establishing this website as part of my Commentary and Blogging class this semester, but I look forward to expanding upon it and perhaps making even further use of it well into the future.

I’ve been asked to provide a link to another blog that I find interesting. For the approval of my readers, I’ll submit the Transformers Wiki’s Tumblr page. I’ve been a big fan of Transformers since childhood, and TFWiki is a great resource for all things Transformers coupled with a great sense of humor the majority of community-driven wikis lack (not that that’s necessarily a good or bad thing, just an interesting addition). Their Tumblr blog is often formatted basically as a question and answer page that has an in-depth answer for anything they’re asked, visual references included. It’s great stuff and always fun to read.

I hope this first post has been a little illuminating, and I look forward to making more in the future!